Govee Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Plugs Work with Alexa & Google Assistant, Smart Outlet with Timer & Group Controller, No Hub Required, ETL & FCC Certified

Introducing Govee ⁣Smart⁤ Plugs, the ultimate home⁢ automation solution! Control your devices with a simple voice command using Alexa or ⁤Google Assistant. With built-in ‍timers and ⁤group control, managing multiple devices has never ​been easier. No hub required, just connect ​to your⁢ 2.4G ⁢Wi-Fi and‍ enjoy‌ seamless ⁣integration. ‍Get the 4 pack today and experience the convenience of a smart home! ETL & FCC certified for your peace of⁤ mind.


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The Govee Smart Plug is a versatile and convenient smart home ⁢device that allows you to control your electronics from anywhere using your voice or smartphone.‍ With seamless connectivity options and compatibility with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, this smart plug offers‌ effortless integration into your ⁣existing smart ‍home ecosystem.

Explore the product features, benefits, technical⁢ specifications, connectivity options, and more, to help you understand why the Govee Smart Plug is a must-have⁤ addition ⁢to any smart home⁤ setup.

Govee Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Plugs Work with Alexa & Google Assistant Features

1. Voice control: The Govee Smart Plug can be easily controlled ⁤through voice ⁣commands, thanks to its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.‌ Simply ask your preferred voice assistant to turn on or off any connected⁣ device.

2. ‌Remote control: ⁣With its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control your home ‍appliances and ⁤electronics from anywhere using the ⁣Govee app on your smartphone. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or miles ​away from⁤ home, ⁣you’ll have complete control over your devices.

3. ​Timer and scheduling: The built-in timer and scheduling feature allows you to⁢ automatically turn on or off your devices at preset times. Set your lights to turn on ⁢when you wake⁢ up or ensure your appliances turn off after a‌ certain period of ⁢time, saving energy and creating convenience.

4. Group controller:⁤ The Govee Smart Plug enables you to control multiple devices simultaneously. This makes it easy to create groups ‌for specific rooms or areas ⁢in your home, providing effortless control with just a single command or tap.

5. No⁣ hub required: Unlike some other smart home devices, ‌the Govee Smart Plug doesn’t require a hub for operation. Simply connect the plug‍ to your home’s Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to go.

6. ⁤ETL &⁤ FCC ⁤certified: Rest assured ‌that the Govee Smart Plug meets the highest ‌safety standards with its⁤ ETL and FCC certifications. You can ⁢trust its performance and reliability in your home.


The Govee Smart ‍Plug offers several key benefits that ⁣make it an essential addition to‌ any smart home ⁣setup.

Firstly, it enhances convenience and control over your electronics and appliances. Whether you’re at home or away, you can effortlessly manage⁢ your devices with⁣ just a few taps on your⁤ smartphone or by using voice commands. This eliminates the need to manually switch off your appliances and ensures​ energy efficiency.

Secondly, the Govee Smart Plug promotes a safer home environment.⁢ The built-in timer and scheduling feature allows you to set automatic shut-offs for devices⁢ such as curling irons or ‌space heaters, giving you ‌peace of mind knowing that⁣ potentially dangerous ​appliances are being monitored and controlled. Lastly, the Govee Smart Plug is a cost-effective way to upgrade your home to a smart ⁢home.

With its affordable⁢ price tag and the ability to​ control multiple devices simultaneously, you​ can create a comprehensive smart home setup‌ without breaking the bank. The no-hub requirement ensures ⁢a hassle-free installation process, making it accessible for all users,⁣ regardless of technical expertise.

How This Product⁣ Can Be Used

The Govee Smart Plug can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the functionality of your home. Some possible‌ use cases include:

1. Lighting control: Easily turn your lights on or off using ⁣your voice or smartphone. Set up schedules to have your lights automatically‍ turn on or off at specific​ times, giving the appearance of an occupied ‍home even when you’re away.

2. Appliance control: Connect appliances like coffee makers, fans, or heaters to the Govee Smart Plug and have full control over their operation. Use voice commands to start brewing your morning coffee before you even get out of bed or remotely turn off a space heater if you forgot​ to do so​ before leaving⁤ the house.

3. Energy management: By ‍using the Govee ‍Smart Plug to control your electronics and appliances, you can actively monitor ⁣and reduce your energy consumption. Set timers to automatically turn off devices when not in use, helping to lower your⁤ utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Technical Specifications

– Power input: AC 100-240V
– ‍Maximum load: 10A
– Wi-Fi standard: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
– Certification: ETL & FCC
– Dimensions:⁣ 2.75 x 1.49 x 1.49 inches
– Weight: 3.21 ounces
– Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4⁢ or above

Connectivity Options

The Govee⁢ Smart Plug connects to your home’s ‌Wi-Fi​ network, providing a seamless and reliable connection to your smartphone or voice assistant. It ⁢supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring compatibility with​ most ​routers and networks. Setting up the plug is simple and straightforward using ⁢the⁣ Govee app, which guides you through the process step by step.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The Govee Smart Plug integrates seamlessly with popular voice assistants like Amazon ‍Alexa and Google ‌Assistant. This allows you to control your devices using voice commands,⁢ creating a truly hands-free experience.⁢ Additionally, the Govee app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring compatibility for a wide range of users.

Pros and Cons

– Easy installation and ​setup process.
– Versatile control options, including voice control and remote control.
– No hub is required for operation.
– Timer and scheduling ​features offer convenience and‍ energy‍ efficiency.
– ETL & FCC certified for enhanced safety.

-⁣ Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
– Some users may prefer compatibility with additional voice assistants.


In‍ conclusion, the Govee Smart Plug is ⁤a reliable and feature-rich smart home device that offers easy control​ and enhanced convenience. With its compatibility with Alexa and⁤ Google Assistant, no-hub requirement, and versatile control options, it seamlessly⁤ integrates into⁤ your existing smart home ecosystem. The timer and scheduling features allow for energy management⁢ and promote a safer home environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your home to a smart ‍home, the Govee Smart Plug is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

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