Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack, 15A Wi-Fi Bluetooth Outlet, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Govee Home App Control Remotely with No Hub Required, Timer, FCC and ETL Certified

Transform your⁢ home into a smart haven with the Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 ⁤Pack. ‍Designed with convenience in mind, ‌this compact powerhouse works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant. Control appliances remotely with the Govee⁣ Home App, no hub is required.‌ With its timer feature and FCC and ETL certifications, ‌this ⁢smart plug ⁤is an essential ⁢addition to any modern household. Indulge in the future of home automation today!


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Are you tired of dealing with multiple plugs‌ and messy cords? Look no further than the Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack. ⁢With its 2-in-1 compact design, this smart plug not only saves space but also offers seamless connectivity and control.

Whether ⁤you ​want to control ​your appliances at home while you’re ⁣away or simply ‌want to make⁤ your ‍life more convenient, the ⁣Govee Dual ⁢Smart⁢ Plug is ​the perfect solution. Read ⁢on to ‍discover its ⁣outstanding features, benefits,⁢ and more.

Govee Dual Smart Plug ⁢Features

1. Dual​ Outlet ‍Design: The Govee​ Dual Smart Plug comes with two outlets, allowing⁢ you to control two devices independently. No⁤ more overcrowded wall ‌outlets or tangled ‌cords!

2. WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity: This smart plug offers ⁤both WiFi ⁣and Bluetooth connectivity options, giving you flexibility in controlling your devices. Use the Govee Home App to control your appliances remotely without​ the need ⁤for a hub.

3. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant: ⁣With voice compatibility, you can easily control your devices using voice commands. ​Whether you prefer Alexa or Google Assistant, this smart plug‌ has ​got you covered.

4. Timer Function: The built-in timer feature⁢ allows ​you to schedule when your devices turn on or off. Set timers to match your daily routines, create an energy-saving schedule, or even create ​an illusion⁣ of⁢ occupancy when you’re away.

5. Compact and Sleek Design: The 2-in-1 compact design of this smart plug ensures that it doesn’t block adjacent outlets, making it perfect for any space in⁤ your home. Its sleek design also adds a touch of modernity to your living‌ space. 6. FCC and ‍ETL Certified: Rest assured knowing that the Govee Dual Smart Plug ‌is both FCC and ETL⁤ certified, ensuring safety and quality.


The Govee ​Dual Smart Plug offers a range of benefits for modern homeowners.

Firstly, it provides convenience and control. With its dual outlet design, you can control two devices independently, allowing you to eliminate clutter and save space. The WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options⁢ give ⁣you multiple ways to control your devices, while the Govee Home App allows you to easily manage your appliances remotely. This means you ⁤can turn off lights or power down devices even when you’re⁤ away from ⁣home.

Secondly, this smart‍ plug enhances your smart ‍home experience. Its compatibility with Alexa and Google ⁣Assistant allows⁤ for seamless integration with your existing ⁢smart home ecosystem. You can simply use voice commands to control your appliances, making your ‌everyday tasks more effortless and‌ efficient. Lastly, the Govee Dual Smart Plug helps you save energy and ⁣money.​

The timer function enables you⁣ to schedule when your‌ devices turn on or off, optimizing energy consumption. You can create a‌ personalized schedule that aligns with your daily routine or set ‍timers to create an illusion of occupancy. By using this smart plug, you can ‍minimize energy wastage and​ reduce your ⁢electricity bills.

How This Product Can Be Used

The Govee Dual Smart Plug ⁤can be used in a variety of ways to simplify your life and streamline your daily tasks.

1.⁢ Home Automation: Transform your home into a smart⁣ home by integrating the Govee Dual Smart Plug with your existing ⁤smart devices. Schedule your lights to turn on or off, control appliances remotely, or even‌ create a⁤ customized routine that suits your lifestyle.

2. Energy Management: Utilize the timer function to create a personalized schedule for your devices. For example, set your coffee machine to turn on in the morning, ⁤have your lights switch off automatically when you leave home, and​ ensure your devices are not left on unnecessarily when ⁤you’re away.

3. Security Enhancement: Use the timer function to create an illusion of occupancy, even when you’re⁢ not at home. This ensures that ​your home appears occupied and can act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

4. Simplify‌ Daily Routines: Connect⁤ your essential⁢ devices, such as lamps or fans, to the Govee Dual Smart Plug for easy control. With voice compatibility, you⁣ can simply use voice commands to turn on or off ⁣your ​devices, without the need to physically interact with the plug.

Technical Specifications

– Input ⁢Voltage: 100-250V AC, 50/60Hz
– Max Load:⁢ 15A (total ‍for both outlets)
– ‍Connectivity: WiFi (2.4GHz), Bluetooth
– ⁢Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant
– Certification: FCC, ETL
– Plug Type: Type‍ B (US)

Connectivity ​Options

The ⁢Govee Dual Smart Plug offers both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options.⁣ Connect the smart ⁢plug⁢ to your WiFi network ‌for seamless control using the ⁢Govee‍ Home App. Alternatively, Bluetooth connectivity allows for direct control⁤ and does not ‌require an internet‌ connection. ⁤This flexibility ensures that you can control‍ your ‍devices in any situation and ​from anywhere, even when you don’t have access ‍to‌ WiFi.

Platforms Supported for⁤ Integration

The⁣ Govee​ Dual Smart Plug integrates seamlessly with popular smart home platforms such as ⁣Alexa and Google Assistant. By connecting the plug to these platforms, you can control your devices⁤ using voice commands, create routines,⁢ and even integrate⁢ them with other smart devices in your home. This makes it easier to manage your ⁢smart home ecosystem⁣ and enjoy a more connected and automated lifestyle.

Pros⁣ and ⁢Cons

– Dual outlet design for independent control of two⁤ devices
– WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity⁢ options ​for⁣ flexibility
– ‌Voice compatibility with⁣ Alexa​ and Google Assistant
– Timer function for​ scheduled ⁤device control
– Compact and stylish⁤ design
-⁣ FCC ⁢and ETL certified ​for safety and quality assurance

– Requires a WiFi network for full functionality
– Compatibility limited to Alexa and Google⁣ Assistant
– Limited to 15A maximum load


In⁤ conclusion, ​the Govee Dual Smart Plug is a versatile and convenient⁢ solution for​ controlling your devices and enhancing ‍your ⁢smart home experience. With its dual outlet design, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options, and compatibility with‍ Alexa and Google Assistant, this smart plug offers flexibility and ease of‍ use. The timer function allows for​ energy management and enhances‌ security, while the ​sleek⁤ and compact design ensures it fits seamlessly into any space.

Whether you want to simplify‌ your ⁣daily routines,⁢ save energy,‍ or enhance your home automation, the Govee Dual Smart Plug is the perfect addition ⁤to ‍your smart home ecosystem.

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Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack, 15A Wi-Fi Bluetooth Outlet, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Govee Home App Control Remotely with No Hub Required, Timer, FCC and ETL Certified reviews


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