GHome Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Outlet Socket Works with Alexa and Google Home, Remote Control with Timer Function, No Hub Required, ETL FCC Listed

Upgrade your home with the GHome Smart Mini Smart Plug. Control it effortlessly ⁢with‍ Alexa⁤ or ​Google Home, even when ‌you’re away. Featuring ‍a ⁤timer function and ETL⁤ FCC listing, this plug requires no hub and supports 2.4GHz networks.⁣ Transform your living space now!


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The GHome Mini⁣ Smart Plug is a revolutionary device⁤ that brings convenience and efficiency to your home.⁣ With its compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, you can control your electronic devices with just a simple‍ voice command. This smart‌ plug also offers a remote control feature, allowing you to turn on​ or off your devices from anywhere using your smartphone. With the timer function, you can​ even schedule your devices to ​turn on or ​off at specific times. The Ghome Mini Smart⁤ Plug​ is the perfect addition to your smart⁣ home ecosystem.

GHome Mini Smart Plug Features

  1. WiFi Connectivity: The GHome ⁣Mini Smart Plug ⁤connects seamlessly to your WiFi ⁣network, enabling ‍you to control your devices from anywhere in your home.
  2. Voice Control: This smart plug is‌ compatible with Alexa and Google Home, giving⁤ you the ⁣convenience of controlling your devices with just your voice.
  3. Remote Control: With the GHome app, you can ‌remotely control your devices from anywhere using your smartphone. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you ‍can ​ensure that your​ devices are ‌turned on or⁣ off ⁤when needed.
  4. Timer Function: The timer‍ function allows you to schedule your devices to‌ turn on​ or off ⁢at specific times. This is⁤ perfect for creating a routine or‍ conserving energy.
  5. Easy ​Setup: The GHome ​Mini Smart Plug is easy to install ​with no hub required. Simply plug it into any ‌standard outlet ⁢and follow the step-by-step instructions in the app.
  6. ETL ⁢FCC Listed: This smart plug⁢ is certified ‍by ETL and FCC for ‌safety and quality assurance.


The GHome Mini Smart Plug offers numerous benefits for homeowners seeking a more convenient​ and ⁣efficient lifestyle. With its compatibility with voice assistants like​ Alexa and Google Home, controlling your devices has never been easier. Imagine being able to turn on your coffee maker or lights‌ with ⁣just a simple voice command. Additionally, the remote control feature allows you ‍to easily manage ‍your ⁤devices even​ when you’re away from home.⁤ You can turn ‌on your air conditioner on your way back from‌ work or ⁤make⁤ sure your appliances are off while on vacation. The timer function​ is another great benefit, as it⁢ allows you to​ automate your devices⁤ based on‌ your daily routine or ⁤energy-saving​ requirements. With the ⁣GHome Mini Smart​ Plug, you can have peace of mind and control over your devices, making your life more comfortable and efficient.

How‍ This⁣ Product Can Be Used

The‌ GHome​ Mini Smart Plug can be used ‌in various ways to enhance your daily life.​ You can use it to control your lights, fans, coffee makers, ⁤and other appliances with ⁣just ‍your voice​ or‌ through the app. Create a⁢ smart home experience ⁢by setting up‌ routines and automating ⁤your devices. With the timer function, you can ‌schedule ⁣your devices to turn on or off at specific times, ensuring⁤ they ⁢are ready when you need them and conserving energy when you don’t. Additionally, the‌ GHome Mini Smart Plug’s​ compact size allows you to plug it into any‍ outlet without ⁤obstructing neighboring outlets. With ⁤its versatility and ​convenience, this smart plug is a must-have for‍ any homeowner.

Technical Specifications

The ​GHome Mini Smart Plug offers the following technical specifications:

  • Compatibility: Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Network Compatibility: Supports 2.4GHz⁢ network
  • Certifications: ETL ⁣FCC Listed,⁤ ensuring safety and quality assurance
  • Control Options:⁤ Voice control, remote control through the GHome ⁢app

Connectivity Options

The GHome Mini Smart Plug‍ utilizes WiFi ⁢connectivity, allowing you ⁣to ‍control your devices⁢ from anywhere within your home. It supports ​a 2.4GHz network, ensuring a stable and​ reliable connection. With ‍its seamless connectivity, you can easily manage your devices⁣ using the GHome app or voice commands‌ through Alexa or Google Home.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The GHome Mini Smart Plug is compatible with‍ popular platforms such as Alexa and Google Home. This integration allows you to seamlessly control​ your devices using voice commands. It also supports the GHome app, which provides‌ a user-friendly interface ‍for remotely controlling ‌your devices.

Pros and ‍Cons


  1. Easy installation – no hub required
  2. Compatible with ‌Alexa and Google ​Home for voice control
  3. Remote control feature for convenient device⁤ management
  4. Timer function for scheduling device automation
  5. The compact size fits into any‌ standard outlet
  6. Certified by ETL FCC for safety and⁤ quality


  1. Only supports 2.4GHz network
  2. Requires compatible⁤ devices with WiFi⁣ connectivity


The GHome Mini Smart Plug offers‌ incredible convenience ⁤and control over your devices. With‌ its compatibility with Alexa and Google⁢ Home, you can easily control your devices using just​ your voice. The⁢ remote ‍control ​and timer function ⁢allow ‌you⁤ to manage your devices from anywhere, ensuring ‍they are turned on or⁢ off when needed. The GHome Mini Smart Plug is easy to install, certified for safety, and offers a⁤ compact design. Upgrade your ‌home to a smart⁢ home with the GHome Mini Smart Plug and⁢ experience the future of convenience and efficiency.

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