Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet Works with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, UL Certified, 2.4G Wi-Fi Only

Turn your home⁤ into a smart oasis with the Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A. Control your devices with ease using Alexa, ⁣Google ⁣Home, or IFTTT. No hub required! Stay connected with UL certification and enjoy seamless ​2.4G WiFi. Get ⁢the convenience and functionality⁣ you desire with ⁢this 4-pack.

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The Kasa Smart Plug​ Mini 15A is a smart home Wi-Fi ⁢outlet that seamlessly connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you ⁣to ‌control your devices from anywhere using your smartphone or ‍voice commands. With ‍compatibility with popular ‍virtual assistants like ​Alexa and Google⁤ Home, as well as IFTTT integration, this smart ‍plug offers convenience and ease of use.

Dive into the product‍ features, benefits, technical specifications, connectivity options,⁢ platforms supported for integration, pros and cons, and conclude with why the⁤ Kasa Smart Plug Mini is the perfect addition to your smart home setup.

Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A (EP10P4) Features

1. Voice Control: Works with Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control ⁤your⁣ devices using voice commands.

2. Remote Access: Control your devices from anywhere⁤ using the Kasa app ‌on your smartphone.

3. No Hub Required: The smart plug connects directly‌ to your home’s Wi-Fi network, eliminating the ⁢need for an additional⁣ hub or gateway.

4. 2.4G Wi-Fi‍ Only: This plug operates using standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity.

5. Energy Monitoring: Keep track of the⁣ energy consumption of your devices and save on your energy bills.

6.‍ Away Mode: Set your devices to automatically turn on and off at predetermined times, giving the appearance that someone is home.

7. Schedule and Timer: Flexibly schedule your devices⁣ to turn on⁢ or ⁣off at specific times, or set ⁤timers for added convenience.


The Kasa Smart Plug Mini offers a wide⁣ range of benefits for homeowners ‍looking to enhance their​ smart home experience.

Firstly, the voice ‍control feature allows for hands-free operation, making it ingredient and easy to ‌use. The remote access feature ensures that you can control your devices even when you’re not at home, giving ⁤you peace⁤ of ⁤mind and the ability to ⁤manage ⁢your energy consumption.

The⁤ absence of a hub requirement ⁢means that setting up and using the smart plug is hassle-free, and ‌the energy monitoring feature‍ allows you to⁤ identify and⁢ reduce wasteful energy usage.

Additionally, the away mode and schedule timer features provide added security and convenience, ultimately enhancing your overall⁣ smart home experience.

How This Product Can Be Used

The Kasa Smart Plug Mini can be used ⁤to control a wide range of devices in your home, adding convenience and efficiency.

You ‍can use it to remotely turn on and⁣ off lights, fans, heaters, and other appliances. Additionally,⁢ by using the ⁤energy monitoring feature, you can ​track the power consumption⁢ of your devices ⁤and make more informed⁤ decisions about your energy usage.

The away mode and schedule timer features allow you to mimic your​ daily routine, providing added security and peace of mind when you’re away from home. With the ‌option for voice ‌control, you can effortlessly ‌manage your devices using popular virtual⁢ assistants such ‍as Alexa and ⁤Google​ Home.

Technical Specifications

– Maximum Load: 15A
– Wi-Fi Requirement: 2.4GHz
-⁢ Certification: UL ⁢Certified for safety and quality assurance
– Operating Temperature: 0°C to ‍40°C⁢ (32°F to ​104°F)
– Operating Humidity: 10% to 90%,⁤ non-condensing
-⁤ Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.03 x 1.5 inches
– Weight: 9.6 ounces
– Model:

Connectivity ​Options

The Kasa Smart Plug Mini connects to your home Wi-Fi network using standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring​ reliable ‍and seamless⁤ connectivity. Simply download ⁣the Kasa app on your smartphone, follow⁤ the easy setup instructions, and you’ll be able ​to control your devices in no time. With the absence of⁢ a hub requirement, the setup process⁤ is simplified, and you ⁣can easily integrate the smart‍ plug⁢ into your existing⁢ smart ⁤home ecosystem.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The⁢ Kasa Smart Plug⁤ Mini seamlessly ​integrates with popular virtual assistants such as ⁢Alexa and Google ⁤Home, which allows for effortless voice ‌control of your devices.‍ Additionally, it⁤ supports IFTTT (If‍ This, Then⁤ That) integration, providing endless opportunities for automation and customization. Whether you prefer to use voice commands ⁤or create personalized ​automation, the Kasa Smart ‌Plug Mini offers exceptional⁢ compatibility and flexibility.

Pros and Cons

– Easy and straightforward setup process
– Reliable and seamless connectivity
– Voice control compatibility with ⁣Alexa and Google Home
– Energy monitoring⁢ feature for efficient energy usage
– Flexible scheduling options ‌for added convenience
-‍ UL certified for safety and quality assurance

– Limited to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi only
– Some users may encounter occasional connectivity issues


The Kasa Smart Plug Mini‌ 15A is an excellent addition to any smart​ home setup.‌ With its wide range ⁤of features, including voice control, energy monitoring, and flexible scheduling options,​ this smart plug ‍offers convenience and ⁣efficiency. Its compatibility with ⁣popular virtual‌ assistants‍ such as Alexa and Google Home, as well as IFTTT integration, ⁣ensures seamless integration into your existing smart home ecosystem.⁣

By investing in⁤ the Kasa Smart Plug ​Mini, you can enhance your smart ⁤home experience and enjoy the ease and convenience it brings to your daily ‌life.

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