SMONET Smart Door Lock, Keyless Entry Smart Locks for Front Door, Electronic Fingerprint Biometric with Digital Keypads, Works with Alexa

Introducing the ⁤SMONET Smart Door Lock,‌ a game-changer in home security. This keyless entry ⁢system offers⁤ fingerprint biometrics, digital keypads, and Alexa ⁤app control. Perfect for apartments and ‍Airbnb, it ensures a secure‌ and ‍convenient ‍experience. Say goodbye to traditional ‌keys with this cutting-edge technology.

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SMONET Smart Door⁢ Lock is a state-of-the-art keyless entry ⁢smart‌ lock designed ⁢for front doors. With its cutting-edge technology, this electronic ‌fingerprint biometric lock provides a secure and convenient way to access your‍ home. The lock features digital keypads, auto lock, and one-time passcode functions, allowing you to easily⁢ control who has access to your property.

Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with Alexa, offering‍ you hands-free control using voice commands. Whether you own ​an apartment or⁣ run an Airbnb business, this smart lock is a must-have for enhancing security and convenience.

SMONET Smart Door Lock Features

1. ‌Keyless Entry: Say goodbye to traditional‌ keys and enjoy the convenience of keyless​ entry with this‍ smart​ lock. Up to 300 customized passwords and 1000 IC fobs (2 pcs included) can be set for family or guests.

2. Electronic Fingerprint Biometric: This advanced lock uses fingerprint ⁣recognition technology to​ provide secure access to your home.

3. Digital Keypads: The⁤ lock features easy-to-use‍ and user-friendly digital keypads for quick ⁣access ​using‌ a unique passcode.

4. Auto Lock Function: ‍Rest ‍assured that your door⁢ will always be securely locked with the auto lock feature of‌ this smart lock.

5. One-time ‍Passcode: Generate temporary one-time passcodes,‍ allowing you to grant access to visitors or service⁢ providers without compromising security. 6. Alexa Integration: Experience the future of smart home automation by integrating this lock with Alexa for hands-free control using ⁤voice commands.


1. Enhanced Security: Protect⁣ your⁣ home ‍and loved ones with ⁢the advanced features of this smart lock, including fingerprint recognition and one-time passcodes.

2.⁣ Convenient Access ⁢Control: Easily‌ manage who can enter your⁤ property with⁣ flexible options⁤ like digital​ keypads and temporary passcodes.

3. Easy Installation: This smart lock can ‍be easily installed​ on any standard door, saving you‍ time and avoiding the need for complex​ wiring or ⁤drilling.

4. Remote Control: With the ⁣dedicated mobile app, you can remotely control and monitor your smart⁣ lock from ​anywhere, providing you with peace of mind ⁣even when you’re away.

5. Airbnb Compatibility: If you operate an‍ Airbnb ​business, this smart lock allows for hassle-free ⁢management of guest access with temporary‍ passcodes.

How This Product Can Be Used

The⁢ SMONET Smart Door Lock is suitable for various applications. If you own an‍ apartment, ⁣this‌ smart lock can provide secure and convenient access for yourself, family‍ members, and ⁤trusted⁤ individuals. It eliminates the need for carrying keys and mitigates the risk of lost or stolen keys.

For Airbnb‍ hosts, this smart lock offers an⁤ efficient and safe way⁣ to ‌manage guest access. With the ability to generate one-time passcodes, you can issue‍ unique codes to different guests, ensuring⁣ their security throughout their stay.

Technical Specifications

– Material: Zinc Alloy
– Dimensions: 2.56 x 3.35 x 6.5 inches
-⁤ Power Source: 4⁤ AA⁣ Batteries (included)
– Connectivity: Bluetooth
– Compatible Door Thickness: 1.5 to 1.96 ⁤inches
– Supported Fingerprint Capacity: Up to 200 fingerprints
Keypad Type: Touchscreen

Connectivity ⁣Options

The SMONET Smart Door Lock offers seamless connectivity through ​Bluetooth. Using the dedicated⁤ mobile app, you can ​easily connect ⁤your smartphone or tablet to the lock to ⁣control and monitor its ‌functions. The lock ⁤can also ‌be ‌integrated with ‌Alexa, allowing ‍for hands-free control through ​voice commands.

Platforms Supported for Integration

This smart lock supports integration⁣ with various platforms, including iOS and⁢ Android ‌devices. You can​ download the SMONET app from ⁣the‍ App Store or Google Play Store to connect and control the lock effortlessly.

Pros and Cons

– Provides enhanced security with advanced features like fingerprint⁣ recognition and one-time passcodes.
– Offers convenient⁤ access control through ‌digital keypads and temporary passcodes.
– ‌Easy installation on any standard door without the need for complex wiring or drilling.
– Allows remote control and monitoring through ⁤the dedicated mobile app.
– Compatible with Airbnb, enabling efficient and ⁣safe management of guest access.

– Requires batteries for power, which may need to be replaced periodically.
– The lock may not be ⁤compatible with certain door ⁤types ​or thicknesses.


In​ conclusion, the SMONET Smart Door Lock is a highly‌ secure and convenient solution for keyless entry to your⁣ home. With ⁤its advanced features like fingerprint recognition and one-time passcodes, this smart lock enhances security while providing flexibility in managing access control. The integration⁣ with Alexa⁤ and compatibility with Airbnb further elevate its functionality. Invest in the SMONET Smart Door Lock to experience the future of home security and convenience.

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