Smart Lock Front Door – SMONET 7 in 1 Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door, Lock Deadbolt, Digital Lock with App Control, works with Alexa

Upgrade your front door with‌ the SMONET 7 in 1 Fingerprint Smart Lock.‍ This ‌keyless entry deadbolt combines secure biometric technology, app control, electronic keypad, IC fobs, and Bluetooth connectivity. With Alexa compatibility, the oil rubbed bronze⁢ finish adds a touch of elegance to your home⁢ security. Enhance convenience and safety today!

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Smart Lock Front Door – SMONET 7 in 1 – upgrade ‍the security of your home⁢.⁢ This innovative‌ fingerprint keyless entry door lock offers​ the ultimate convenience and peace of mind, ​allowing you to unlock your door with ‍a simple touch of your finger or via​ the app on⁤ your smartphone.​

With its‌ stylish oil-rubbed bronze finish and state-of-the-art technology, ⁤this digital lock ​is not only a secure solution for​ your front door ​but also‌ a stylish addition to your home decor.

Smart Lock Front Door – SMONET Features

  • Advanced Fingerprint Technology: ⁣ Eliminate the need for keys⁤ or ‍passcodes with the biometric fingerprint recognition​ feature. This smart lock ⁢can store up ​to ⁣200‌ unique fingerprints, ensuring‌ that​ only ​authorized users⁢ can gain access.
  • Keyless Entry: Say‍ goodbye to fumbling for your keys. With⁢ this lock, you can easily lock or unlock your front ⁤door⁤ with ‍a simple touch of your finger or via ‍the smartphone app.
  • App Control: Control and monitor your door from ​anywhere using the intuitive smartphone app. You can grant access​ to guests ⁤or family members, receive real-time notifications, and easily manage user ⁢profiles.
  • Electronic Keypad: In addition⁣ to fingerprint ⁤recognition and app ​control, this digital lock also features a secure⁢ electronic keypad. This ‌provides an alternative⁤ method of access for those who prefer using passcodes or in case ​the⁣ fingerprint‌ or smartphone option is not available.
  • Works ‌with⁤ Alexa: Seamlessly integrate the Smart Lock Front Door with your Alexa-enabled‌ devices to control your lock through‌ voice commands. Lock or unlock your door without even lifting‍ a finger.
  • IC⁣ Fobs: For added convenience, this smart lock comes with⁣ IC fobs that can be used to unlock the door without ⁣the need ​for a smartphone⁢ or fingerprint.
  • Bluetooth Locks: ​ The built-in Bluetooth⁣ connectivity allows for easy pairing with your smartphone⁤ or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.
  • Stylish Design: ‍The oil-rubbed bronze finish⁢ adds a touch⁢ of elegance⁣ to your front door, making it a stylish addition to your home decor.


Upgrade to the SMONET Smart Lock⁤ Front⁤ Door ‌and enjoy ‌these​ benefits:

1. Enhanced Security: With multiple access options and​ advanced​ fingerprint technology,⁢ this smart lock ⁢provides a higher level of‍ security⁢ for ⁢your ⁣front‌ door. ⁢Say goodbye to lost or stolen keys, and grant‍ access ⁣only ‍to authorized individuals.

2. Convenient Access:⁢ No more fumbling ⁢for keys or memorizing passcodes. With the touch of ⁢your finger⁤ or‍ via ​the smartphone ‍app, ‍you⁢ can easily lock⁢ or unlock your door. The electronic keypad and IC fobs offer additional ⁤convenience for alternative access⁤ methods.

3. Remote Control: Stay connected ​and in control of your front door ‌from anywhere. The smartphone app ‌allows you to grant⁣ access to guests, receive ‌real-time notifications, and​ easily manage user profiles. You can​ also integrate‌ the lock with voice control through Alexa-enabled devices.

4. Stylish and Durable: The⁣ oil-rubbed bronze​ finish adds a touch of sophistication ‍to your front door.‌ Made from high-quality ⁢materials, this smart lock is built‌ to last ‌and withstand ⁣the⁢ elements, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

How This Product Can Be Used

The Smart ‌Lock ‌Front Door by​ SMONET ‌is⁢ ideal for homeowners looking to upgrade the ​security of their front door while adding convenience ​to their daily lives. Here are some scenarios where this smart lock can be particularly⁣ useful:

1. Homeowners: Enhance​ the security⁣ of‌ your home and enjoy the convenience of keyless entry with​ this smart lock. Grant access ⁣to family members, make ⁢use of the various​ access options and easily manage user profiles through the smartphone app.

2. Rental‌ Properties: If you have a rental property, this smart⁣ lock⁤ can simplify key​ management. Instead of handing⁤ out ​physical keys, ⁢you can⁣ grant‌ temporary⁤ access to guests through⁣ the app or provide IC fobs. ⁣You’ll have‌ peace of mind knowing ‍that only⁤ authorized individuals can enter the property.

3. Airbnb Hosts: Manage your Airbnb property ⁤remotely and provide ⁣convenient self-check-in for your guests. Create unique temporary passcodes for‌ each guest, let them unlock the door with their‍ fingerprint, or provide IC⁣ fobs for their ‌stay.

4. Elderly or Disabled Individuals: For individuals with limited​ mobility, this smart lock eliminates the⁢ need​ for physical keys, making it easier and safer to enter the home. Fingerprint recognition, smartphone control, or IC fobs can provide‌ seamless​ access control.

Technical Specifications

– Color: Oil Rubbed ⁤Bronze
– Material: Zinc Alloy
– Door Thickness Compatibility: 1-3/8″ to⁤ 2-3/16″
– Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 4 inches
– Power Supply: 4 AA ​Batteries⁤
– Fingerprint Capacity: ⁤Up ‍to ‍200 fingerprints
– Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
– Platforms Supported: ‌iOS, ⁤Android
– Voice ⁣Control: Amazon ⁢Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
– ‌Additional Access Options: Electronic Keypad,⁢ IC⁣ Fobs

Connectivity Options

The‌ SMONET Smart Lock Front Door‌ offers two versatile connectivity options to suit your preference:

1. Bluetooth: Simply pair‍ the lock with your smartphone or other⁣ Bluetooth-enabled devices for‌ seamless control. ⁤Lock or unlock ‍your door,⁣ manage user profiles,​ and ⁤receive real-time notifications right from your smartphone.

2. WiFi: Connect ⁤the lock to your home ​WiFi network through the smartphone app. This‍ allows you to control and‌ monitor your lock from⁣ anywhere, even if you are not within Bluetooth range.

Platforms Supported for Integration

This smart ​lock is compatible with ‌the following platforms​ for integration:

1. iOS: Take⁢ advantage of the full range of features⁣ offered by⁤ the lock through the dedicated iOS app. Enjoy seamless control, grant‌ access to guests, and‍ receive real-time notifications on your iPhone or iPad.

2.​ Android:⁤ If you use an ⁤Android device,‌ the lock is ⁣fully compatible‌ with the Android⁤ app. Enjoy​ all ​the⁤ same features ⁢as iOS ⁢users, including remote control, user management, and integration with other smart devices.

3.‍ Amazon Alexa: Enhance‌ your ⁢smart home ecosystem⁤ by integrating the Smart Lock Front Door⁤ with your Alexa-enabled devices. Lock or unlock your door, check ⁢the lock status, and⁤ include it ⁢in⁤ your voice-controlled routines.

Pros and Cons

– Advanced fingerprint technology ​for ‍secure ​access
– Keyless entry⁢ with⁣ multiple access options
– ⁣Convenient app⁣ control and remote management
– Stylish design with⁤ oil-rubbed bronze ‍finish
– Integrates with Amazon Alexa for‍ voice control

– Requires‍ initial‌ setup and smartphone configuration
– May not be compatible with ‌older door ‌types or ‍non-standard thick doors
– Relies on battery power for operation


Upgrade your front door ‍security with the Smart Lock Front Door ​by SMONET. This innovative fingerprint keyless entry lock offers convenience, ⁣style, and peace of mind.

With advanced features such as​ biometric ⁤fingerprint recognition, app control, electronic keypad, and compatibility ​with Amazon Alexa, this smart ‌lock brings your home security ‌into the ‌21st century. Enjoy keyless entry,⁣ remote control, ⁤and enhanced security‌ with ‌this reliable and stylish smart lock.

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