Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote Control, Faucet Timer for House, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit

Introducing the remarkable Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi⁢ Remote Control! Turn your faucet into a convenient timer for your house. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, this efficient device ensures smart water management at your fingertips. Say goodbye to waste and hello to a greener, smarter home!


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The Smart Water⁣ Valve⁢ Wi-Fi Remote Control is ‌a revolutionary ‍device that ⁢helps⁢ you⁤ efficiently manage and⁤ control your⁢ water usage at home. With its compatibility with Alexa, Google​ Home, and Apple ⁢HomeKit, this smart water valve offers a convenient and seamless experience for optimizing water consumption. Whether you’re concerned about‌ water conservation or simply want to have more control over your household utilities, this smart water valve is the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will explore the product⁢ features, ‌benefits, technical specifications, connectivity options, and supported integration platforms of the Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote Control.

Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote Control Features

  1. Remote‍ Control: With the Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi ​Remote Control, you can easily ⁢control and ‌monitor your water usage from⁢ anywhere ⁤using your ​smartphone.
  2. Wi-Fi Connectivity:‌ The device ​seamlessly connects‌ to your home‌ Wi-Fi network,⁢ eliminating‌ the need for ​additional hardware or complicated installations.
  3. Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa, ‌Google Home, and Apple ‌HomeKit, this smart water valve can be controlled using simple voice commands, providing⁣ a hands-free experience.
  4. Timer Functionality: Set ‍timers ⁣to automate your water usage and ensure that it’s ‌being utilized efficiently, reducing wastage and saving money.
  5. Leak Detection: Equipped with⁤ advanced leak detection ‌technology,​ this smart water valve can⁢ detect and alert you about any potential‌ leaks ‍or pipe​ bursts, preventing significant damage.
  6. 6. Easy​ Installation: The device ⁤comes with simple instructions for ‌installation, making it convenient for both homeowners and renters.


This Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote⁤ Control offers⁣ numerous benefits that enhance‌ your daily life and contribute ​to water ​conservation efforts. ​By‍ monitoring and controlling your water usage, you can:

  1. Save Money:‍ The timer functionality and‌ remote⁤ control capabilities allow you to optimize your water usage, reducing your monthly water bills.
  2. Prevent Water ⁢Damage: The leak detection feature helps you identify leaks ​or pipe bursts early on, preventing‍ water⁣ damage and potentially⁤ expensive⁣ repairs.
  3. Promote Water Conservation: With the ability to​ monitor and control your water consumption,⁤ you can actively contribute to⁣ water conservation⁣ efforts and ​promote a greener environment.
  4. Convenient ‍Management: The seamless integration‌ with popular voice control platforms⁤ provides a convenient and hands-free experience, allowing‍ you⁤ to easily manage⁤ your water usage with ‍simple voice commands.

How This Product Can Be Used

The Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi ⁢Remote Control can be ‌used in various scenarios to effectively manage and control your‌ water usage.

Here are⁣ a few ⁣examples:

  • Garden and Lawn ​Irrigation: Set timers to automate your ‌garden watering​ schedule, ‌ensuring ⁤optimal water usage for⁣ your plants without overwatering.
  • Vacation⁣ Mode: When you’re away ​on vacation, remotely control your water‍ valve‍ to⁤ prevent any⁣ potential leaks or pipe bursts, providing ⁤peace of mind.
  • Water⁤ Conservation Efforts: Actively monitor your water⁢ usage and adjust it based on your ​needs, promoting⁣ water conservation in your household.
  • Leak Detection and⁣ Prevention: The⁣ device’s ‌leak ​detection feature can help ‍identify ⁣leaks early​ on, enabling prompt action to prevent further damage and conserve⁣ water.
  • Rental Properties: ‌Landlords can‌ install this smart⁢ water ‌valve⁤ to accurately monitor tenants’‍ water⁣ usage, allowing​ for fair and efficient billing.

Technical Specifications

– Wi-Fi Connectivity: 2.4GHz
– Voltage​ Range: 100-240V
-​ Maximum Working ​Pressure: 1MPa
– Valve Connection:⁢ 3/4 inch or 1 inch
– Battery Backup: Yes, requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
– App Compatibility: iOS 10.3 or later, Android⁢ 5.0 or later
– Operating Temperature:⁤ 32°F to ⁢122°F
– Dimensions:⁢ 8.46 x 6.5 x 3.66 inches
– Weight: ‌7.1 ounces
– Pipe sizes: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32

Connectivity Options

The Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote ‌Control seamlessly connects to⁤ your home Wi-Fi⁤ network, eliminating⁤ the need for additional hubs or additional ⁤hardware.​ Simply download⁤ the companion app to your ‍smartphone, ‍follow the step-by-step instructions, and pair the device with your home Wi-Fi network. Once​ connected, you can control and ⁣monitor‍ your water usage remotely from anywhere.

Platforms‍ Supported for Integration

The Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote ⁣Control is compatible with ‌popular voice control platforms⁣ such as Alexa,⁢ Google ​Home, ⁤and Apple HomeKit. Integration with ‌these platforms allows you to control the smart⁣ water valve using simple voice ⁤commands,​ providing a hands-free and convenient experience.

Pros and Cons

– Easy installation and ⁢setup
– Voice control⁤ compatibility ⁤with popular⁢ platforms
– Timer functionality for efficient⁣ water usage
– Leak detection feature for early ⁢leak identification
– Saves money on water bills
– Promotes water⁤ conservation efforts

– Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance
– Battery backup requires periodic ‌maintenance


The Smart​ Water Valve Wi-Fi Remote Control is the ultimate ​solution for effectively managing and controlling your water usage. With ⁣its remote control capabilities, ⁣compatibility with popular ‍voice control platforms and advanced features​ like timer functionality⁣ and⁤ leak detection, this smart water‌ valve offers convenience, savings, ‍and peace of mind. Whether you’re‍ looking ⁢to save money on your water bills or contribute to water‌ conservation efforts, this smart water valve is a worthwhile ⁢investment for ⁢any homeowner or ⁤renter.‍ Take control of your water usage with the Smart Water Valve ⁣Wi-Fi Remote Control today.

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