Motorized Smart Valve, Watering Timer, Electric Water Shutoff Controller, Tuya Smart & Smart Life App Control, Work with Alexa, No Hub Required

Introducing ⁢the Motorized Smart Valve, a revolutionary watering timer equipped⁢ with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Tuya Smart & Smart Life ⁤app compatibility. This ingenious electric⁤ water shutoff controller robot operates automatically and seamlessly ‌integrates with ‍Alexa for effortless control. Banish the hassle of manual‌ water management ⁢and ⁣enjoy a smart, hub-free experience like never before!


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Are you tired of manually controlling your water supply ‌or worried ‌about ⁢forgetting​ to turn off the water? Say goodbye to these ‌worries​ with the Motorized Smart‍ Valve. This innovative device revolutionizes⁣ the​ way​ you manage your water supply,⁤ offering you convenience, control, and​ peace of mind. With its advanced features,⁣ seamless connectivity options, and compatibility with popular platforms, this smart valve‍ is a must-have for every modern home.

Motorized Smart Valve, Watering Timer, Electric Water Shutoff Controller Features

  1. Motorized Control: The Motorized ‍Smart Valve features‍ a powerful⁣ motor that‍ allows you⁢ to remotely control the water supply with ⁣ease. Whether you want to open or close the​ valve, simply use your⁤ smartphone or ⁣voice assistant to operate it.
  2. Smart App Integration: With ‌the Tuya Smart and Smart Life ⁢app, you can easily connect and ⁤control your Motorized Smart Valve. Change settings, schedule ‌watering, or perform manual operations from anywhere in‌ the world.
  3. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth⁤ Connectivity: This valve ⁢offers seamless⁢ connectivity options, ⁢allowing you to connect ​to your home Wi-Fi network or establish a⁢ direct‌ Bluetooth connection when needed.
  4. Voice Control: Pair the Motorized ‌Smart Valve with Alexa for hands-free control. Simply ⁢use‍ voice commands ⁣to turn on or off the water supply, making‍ your daily ‍routine even more ‍convenient.
  5. Automatic Watering Timer: Set customized watering schedules and⁣ let​ the smart valve do the work for you. This feature ensures that your plants receive the right amount of water at the ‍right ⁢time.
  6. No​ Hub Required: Unlike other ⁣smart⁤ devices, the⁣ Motorized Smart‍ Valve does not⁤ require an‌ additional hub ⁢for operation. Simply connect it ​to your existing Wi-Fi network‌ and ​start enjoying its smart features.
  7. Electric Water Shutoff: In case of emergencies or excessive ⁤water flow, the smart valve will automatically shut‌ off ⁣the water supply, preventing‌ potential damage and water wastage.
  8. Tuya Smart: The Motorized Smart Valve integrates seamlessly with the​ Tuya Smart platform, allowing you to⁢ control and⁣ monitor multiple smart devices from a ⁢single app.
  9. Smart Life App: The Smart Life app provides an⁤ intuitive interface to manage your Motorized Smart ⁢Valve effortlessly. It offers additional features and supports a wide range of smart devices.


The‍ Motorized Smart Valve offers numerous ⁢benefits that will enhance your daily ⁣life and provide you with peace‌ of mind. With its advanced features and seamless connectivity, you⁣ can experience the ⁢following benefits:

  • Convenience: ⁢Control your water ‌supply remotely, eliminating the need for ⁣manual operations.
  • Water ‌Conservation: Ensure⁤ optimal water usage by scheduling watering and⁣ shutting off the water ⁤during emergencies.
  • Time-Saving: The⁢ automatic watering‌ timer⁢ saves you time and effort in manually watering ⁣your plants.
  • Energy Efficiency: Prevent‌ water ​wastage and reduce your ecological footprint with automated water control.
  • Security: The automatic water shutoff feature protects your home from potential water damage caused by leaks or⁢ excessive ⁢flow.
  • Compatibility: ​The Motorized Smart Valve works with ⁤popular smart ⁤platforms, providing‍ you with⁤ integration options and a seamless smart‍ home⁢ experience.

How This‌ Product‍ Can Be Used

The Motorized Smart Valve can be used in numerous scenarios to enhance your water management system.

Some of ‍the ways you ‍can utilize this product include:

  1. Garden Irrigation: Use the smart valve to automate your garden watering system, ensuring your plants receive the‍ right ​amount of water at the right time.
  2. Drip ⁣Irrigation: Connect the smart ‌valve to your drip irrigation system ‌for precise and ⁤efficient watering without manual intervention.
  3. Hose Faucet Control: Control the‌ water supply to your hose ⁤faucet with ease,⁢ eliminating the hassle⁢ of ⁣turning it on⁢ and off manually.
  4. Plumbing Security: Install the‌ smart valve‌ on​ your main water line to prevent⁤ potential‌ water damage ‌due to leaks or burst pipes.
  5. Water Features: Use the‌ Motorized​ Smart Valve ⁢to control the flow of water in your fountain, pond, or ‌other water⁣ features, ⁣enhancing their functionality and convenience.

Technical Specifications

– Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
– ​Power Supply: AC 110V-230V, DC 12V-24V
– Motor Type: Electric
– Valve Material: ⁤Brass
-⁤ Valve Size:‍ 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch
– Operating ⁣Temperature: -10°C to 60°C
– Maximum Pressure: 10 ⁢bar
– The size of Pipe support: DN15,DN20,DN25,maybe some DN30.(the bracket can’t fit at some DN30 valves which is too high)
Smart Water Valve Power: 5W
– Power consuming: ≤0.3W
– Wi-Fi Gas Valve Radio protocol: WiFi 2.4GH
– Wireless Water Valve pressure: 1.6MP
– Smart Valve pressure: 1.6MP
– Time off wifi valve auto: 5-10 seconds
– Time off wifi valve electric: 5-10 seconds
– Gas water smart valve wifi Torque:
– App Compatibility: Tuya Smart, Smart Life
-⁤ Voice​ Assistant Compatibility: Alexa

Connectivity Options

The Motorized ⁣Smart Valve offers two ⁣seamless ⁢connectivity options for⁣ your convenience:

  1. Wi-Fi: Connect the smart valve to your home Wi-Fi network to enable ⁤remote control and⁢ access to⁣ its features‍ from anywhere.
  2. Bluetooth: ‌Establish a direct‍ Bluetooth connection⁤ with‍ the smart valve for situations when Wi-Fi may⁤ not ‌be ⁢available or ‍when you need quick‌ access‌ to control.

Platforms ⁣Supported for Integration

The Motorized Smart Valve is compatible with popular smart platforms, ensuring effortless integration with your existing smart home ecosystem:

  1. Tuya⁣ Smart: ⁢Seamlessly integrate the smart valve with the Tuya Smart ⁤platform to‍ control and monitor multiple smart devices from a single app.
  2. Smart⁣ Life: The ‌Smart ‌Life app offers an intuitive interface ⁣to manage the Motorized Smart Valve and other compatible smart devices, enhancing your smart home experience.
  3. Amazon Alexa
  4. Home Assistant

Pros and Cons

– Easy control⁤ via‌ smartphone or ⁤voice ⁢assistants
-‍ Automatic watering timer‍ saves time and effort
– Secure water shutoff feature
– No additional⁤ hub is required
– Seamless ⁢app integration with Tuya Smart and Smart Life
– Compatible‍ with Alexa ‍for hands-free ‍control

– Limited‌ valve size options
– Initial setup ​may require ‌technical knowledge


The Motorized Smart Valve‍ is a game-changer in water management ‍systems, offering convenience, control, and peace of ⁣mind. Its advanced features,‍ seamless connectivity options, and compatibility with popular platforms make it a must-have for modern homes. Whether ‍you want to automate your ‌garden⁣ irrigation,⁣ secure your plumbing system, or control⁣ water ⁣features, this ‌smart⁤ valve provides a versatile solution. Say⁢ goodbye to manual water‌ control⁢ and embrace the future with the Motorized Smart Valve.

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