Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, Head-to-Toe HD+ Video, motion detection & alerts, and Two-Way Talk

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus offers an advanced home security solution with its head-to-toe HD+ video capability, motion detection and alerts, and two-way talk feature. With easy installation and long-lasting battery life, it provides peace of mind and convenience


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Ring Battery Doorbell Plus Features

1. Head-to-Toe HD+ Video: Capture clear video footage of your doorstep, ensuring every detail is visible from head to toe.
2. Motion Detection & Alerts: Get instant notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever motion is detected, enhancing your security awareness.
3. Two-Way Talk: Communicate with visitors in real time using the built-in microphone and speaker, even when you’re not at home.
4. Easy Installation: Simply mount the doorbell using the provided tools and connect it to your Wi-Fi network for a quick and hassle-free setup.
5. Long-lasting Battery: The included rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted operation, with a battery life that can last for months.
6. Weather-resistant Design: Built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliability and durability.


– Maximize your home security with comprehensive HD+ video coverage.
– Stay informed about any activity at your doorstep through motion detection alerts.
– Communicate with visitors, and delivery personnel, or even deter potential intruders using the two-way talk feature.
– Effortlessly install and set up the doorbell without the need for professional assistance.
– Enjoy extended battery life, allowing for long-term use without frequent recharging.
– Trust in its weather-resistant design for consistent performance rain or shine.

How This Product Can Be Used

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is ideal for homeowners, renters, and anyone looking to enhance their home security. It can be used to monitor package deliveries, greet guests remotely, keep an eye on children or pets, and act as a deterrent against potential intruders.

Technical Specifications

– Video Resolution: HD+
– Field of View: 150 degrees horizontal, 84 degrees vertical
– Night Vision: Infrared LEDs
– Motion Detection: Adjustable motion zones
– Audio: Two-way talk with noise cancellation
– Power Source: Rechargeable battery

Connectivity Options

– Wi-Fi

Platforms Supported for Integration

– Amazon Alexa
– Home Assistant
– Ring App

Pros and Cons

– High-quality HD+ video ensures clear visibility of individuals at the doorstep.
– Customizable motion detection zones offer tailored security settings.
– Two-way talk enables effortless communication with visitors from anywhere.
– Easy installation allows for quick setup without professional assistance.
– Long-lasting battery ensures continuous operation for extended periods.
– Weather-resistant design ensures durability in various weather conditions.

– Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance.
– Advanced features may require a Ring Protect subscription for extensive video storage.


In conclusion, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus offers the perfect combination of advanced features, easy installation, and long-lasting battery life. With its HD+ video, motion detection and alerts, and two-way talk, it provides the ultimate home security solution. Monitor your doorstep with confidence and enjoy the convenience of remote communication, all while enhancing your overall peace of mind.

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