REOLINK Wireless Security Camera E1, 3MP HD Plug-in, Indoor, Wi-Fi Camera for Home Security, Baby Monitor, Smart Detection, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa

Introducing the ⁣REOLINK ⁢Wireless Security Camera E1! This 3MP⁤ HD plug-in camera is‌ perfect for home security and baby ‍monitoring. With smart ⁣detection, pan-tilt feature, and night vision, you⁤ can keep an eye on your⁤ loved ones with ease. Plus, it ⁢works ‌seamlessly ‌with⁢ Alexa⁣ for convenient control.‌ Upgrade ⁣your security⁤ game ⁤today!


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The⁤ REOLINK Wireless Security Camera ⁤is a state-of-the-art device that provides top-notch home security, baby monitoring, and pet surveillance. This 3MP HD plug-in indoor WiFi camera offers a myriad of advanced features such as smart ‍detection, local⁤ storage,‌ pan⁣ tilt functionality, night vision, and integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. In this article, we⁣ will‍ explore how this versatile camera ⁢can enhance⁢ your security and⁣ monitoring needs, and provide a ‍detailed breakdown‍ of its features, ‌benefits, technical ‌specifications, connectivity options, supported integration platforms, as well ‍as the pros and cons.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera E1 Features

  1. High-definition video ‌recording: Capture crystal-clear, ⁢detailed images and videos with the REOLINK ⁢Wireless⁢ Security Camera. Its 3MP HD resolution ensures that every minute detail is visible, enabling you to monitor your‍ premises effectively.
  2. Smart detection: The camera ‌comes ⁢equipped ‍with advanced motion detection and sound alerts, enabling⁤ you ‍to receive​ real-time​ notifications on your smartphone whenever any activity⁢ is detected. This⁤ smart detection feature helps you stay on top of potential security​ threats.
  3. Local‌ storage: ‍With ⁣the REOLINK Wireless Security ‌Camera, you don’t have⁣ to worry about ⁣monthly cloud storage fees. It⁢ supports local storage via an SD ‌card, allowing‌ you to save⁣ your recordings directly on the camera for easy access.
  4. Pan tilt functionality: The​ camera‍ can pan and tilt up to⁣ 355° horizontally and 50° vertically, giving you the⁢ flexibility to monitor a ​large area with just one ⁣camera. You can control the camera’s movements remotely ‍using the dedicated mobile app or through voice commands.
  5. Night vision: ‌Equipped with infrared LEDs ⁤and a cutting-edge image ​sensor,⁤ this wireless ‌security camera provides exceptional‍ night​ vision ​capabilities. Enjoy clear and‌ detailed footage up​ to 33ft, even in complete darkness.


The REOLINK Wireless Security Camera offers numerous benefits that make ⁣it an essential ⁢addition to your home⁢ security setup.

Some of the key‌ advantages‍ include:

  • Peace of ⁢mind: With real-time alerts, smart detection,‌ and ⁢remote access to your ⁢camera, you can have‌ peace of mind⁢ knowing that⁢ your home,⁢ baby, or pets are being⁤ constantly monitored, even when you’re away.
  • Easy installation: This plug-in camera can be set up effortlessly within minutes. Simply connect it to a power ⁣outlet, download‌ the ‌mobile app, and follow the on-screen instructions to ⁤complete the setup process.
  • Flexible ⁢connectivity: The camera supports both⁢ Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, ensuring‍ a stable and⁤ reliable connection. This flexibility allows you to position the camera in the most convenient spot⁤ without worrying about signal strength.

How This Product Can Be‌ Used

The REOLINK Wireless Security Camera⁤ can be used ⁢in‌ a ‌variety of scenarios to enhance security and monitoring.

Some common⁢ use cases include:

  • Home security: Keep a close‌ eye on ‍your property, both indoors and outdoors, to deter potential intruders ⁤and ensure the safety of your loved ones.
  • Baby monitor: Monitor your baby’s room to ensure⁢ they are ⁢safe⁢ and sound, even when you’re in another part of the house.
  • Pet surveillance: Keep⁣ an eye on your furry friends when you’re not at home. The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with⁣ them and provide reassurance, making it a great pet monitoring solution.

Technical Specifications

– Resolution: 3MP HD
– Pan‌ Tilt Range: 355° horizontally and 50° vertically
– ‌Night Vision: Up to 33ft range
– Connectivity: WiFi and Ethernet
– Storage: Supports local‍ storage via SD card (up to 64GB)
– App Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows
-​ Smart Integration: Works with⁣ Alexa and Google Assistant

Connectivity Options

The ⁤REOLINK Wireless ⁢Security Camera ‍offers multiple⁣ connectivity ⁤options to suit your needs. It can connect to your home‌ network seamlessly via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.⁤ The⁣ camera’s compatibility with​ both iOS‌ and Android platforms allows you to access ​and ⁢control it remotely from your⁤ smartphone or tablet.

Platforms Supported for Integration

This wireless security camera ⁣seamlessly integrates with popular ‍smart home platforms such as Alexa and Google⁢ Assistant. You can use‍ voice ​commands to control ⁣the camera’s movements,​ receive alerts, ‌or view the⁢ live feed on ⁢compatible devices, making it a truly smart and convenient addition to your home⁣ automation setup.
– Amazon Alexa
– Home Assistant
– Google Home
– Reolink App

Pros and Cons

-⁣ High-definition‍ video quality ‍for ​clear⁣ and detailed ​surveillance
– Smart detection with real-time alerts for enhanced security
– Local storage ⁢option eliminates⁤ the need for monthly cloud fees
-⁣ Pan⁤ tilt functionality provides flexible monitoring options
-⁤ Exceptional night vision capabilities for round-the-clock surveillance
– Easy​ installation and flexible connectivity options

– The maximum storage capacity of ⁤64GB might be limiting for some⁣ users with ⁣high video recording ‌requirements.


The REOLINK Wireless Security Camera is an excellent‌ choice for anyone‍ looking to‍ enhance ​their home security, monitor ​their baby, or‍ keep an ⁣eye on their​ pets. With features like high-definition video recording, smart detection, local storage,‌ pan tilt ‌functionality, night vision, and seamless integration capabilities, this camera provides a comprehensive solution for all your surveillance needs. Invest in the REOLINK Wireless Security Camera today and enjoy peace of ⁤mind knowing that your home ​and loved ones are protected.

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REOLINK Wireless Security Camera E1, 3MP HD Plug-in, Indoor, Wi-Fi Camera for Home Security, Baby Monitor, Smart Detection, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa reviews


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