Govee TV LED Backlight, RGBIC TV Backlight for 40-50 inch TVs, Smart LED Lights for TV with Bluetooth Wi-Fi & App Control, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, Music Sync, 76 Scenes, Adapter

Enhance your TV viewing experience with the Govee TV LED Backlight! This ‍RGBIC TV backlight is designed for 40-50 inch TVs, offering smart LED lights with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and​ app control. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant,‍ it ensures seamless integration with your smart home. With music sync and 76 scenes, enjoy a dynamic and immersive visual‍ feast. Get yours now and transform your living room into a vibrant‌ entertainment hub!


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Govee‍ TV LED⁤ Backlight – Enhance your TV viewing experience. This RGBIC TV⁢ backlight is designed ⁤for 40-50-inch TVs and comes with a​ range of exciting features. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ⁤and app control, you ‍can easily​ customize⁣ the⁢ lighting effects according to your preference.

This smart LED light is compatible with Alexa and⁢ Google Assistant, making it even more convenient to use. ​The Govee TV LED Backlight offers 76 ⁢scenes and music sync functionality, ⁣allowing you to create the ⁣perfect ambiance for any occasion. With its‍ easy installation process and versatile ‍connectivity options, this ‌product is a​ must-have for your home entertainment setup.

Govee TV LED Backlight ​Features

1. Vibrant RGBIC ‍Lighting: The Govee⁢ TV LED Backlight features RGBIC technology, which ⁢enables it⁤ to‌ display a vast ⁢range of colors, providing a vibrant and immersive lighting ‌experience.

2. App Control: With ⁣the‌ Govee Home app,‍ you can control the TV⁣ backlight ⁢right from your ⁤smartphone. Customize the lighting effects,⁣ adjust brightness, and ​choose from various scene modes with ease.

3. Music Sync: The built-in ​microphone in⁢ the Govee TV LED Backlight allows it to sync with the rhythm ⁣of your favorite songs, ‌creating ⁣a mesmerizing light ‍show⁢ that further enhances your music listening experience.

4. Voice Control: ​This‍ smart LED backlight is ⁢compatible with ‌both Alexa⁣ and Google Assistant. Simply use voice commands to control‌ the lighting ⁣effects,⁣ making ⁤it even more convenient‍ to use.

5. Easy‌ Installation: The Govee TV LED​ Backlight⁣ comes with an adhesive backing, making it easy to install. The flexible design allows it to fit perfectly on different‌ TV sizes, providing uniform backlighting across the entire⁣ screen.


1. Immersive⁢ Viewing Experience:‌ The Govee TV LED Backlight enhances your TV ⁢viewing experience by creating a captivating ‍atmosphere with its vibrant and customizable lighting effects.

2. Easy ⁣Customization:⁤ With the Govee Home app, ‍you have⁢ complete control over⁢ the lighting effects. Choose from ⁤76⁤ scenes, adjust brightness, and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

3. Music Enthusiast’s⁢ Delight: ​The music sync feature of the Govee TV⁤ LED ⁢Backlight allows it‍ to respond to the rhythm of ‍your favorite songs, turning ⁤your living room into a dance floor or concert hall.

4.⁤ Voice ‌Control Convenience: By integrating with Alexa⁣ or Google Assistant, you can easily control the TV⁤ backlight using voice commands, enhancing ⁣the overall ⁢ease of use⁤ and ‍convenience.

5. Versatile Compatibility: The Govee ⁤TV ​LED ‍Backlight ​is⁣ designed to work seamlessly with various TV sizes, thanks to its ‌flexible design. It ‌is also⁤ compatible with ​both Android and iOS devices, ‌ensuring ​that everyone can ‍take advantage ‍of its ‍fantastic features.

How‌ This Product Can ‌Be Used

The ⁢Govee ‌TV LED Backlight ⁢can⁣ be used in various ways to enhance your entertainment experience. ‍

Here are a few ⁣examples:

1. Movie Nights: Create a cinematic atmosphere by syncing ⁢the backlight with the movie’s color scheme, allowing you ⁤to immerse⁤ yourself fully in the action.

2. Gaming Sessions: Elevate your gaming⁤ sessions by syncing the⁢ backlight with the on-screen action, ​making you feel more ‌engaged and immersed in the game environment.

3. Music Parties: Turn‍ your living room into a vibrant dance floor by letting the backlight sync with the rhythm of your favorite⁤ songs, energizing the entire space.

4. Relaxation Time: Set a ‍soothing ambiance by dimming the backlight and choosing calming colors, helping you unwind and relax after a long day.

5. ⁤Decoration:‍ The‍ Govee TV LED Backlight can ‍also be used as ambient lighting to add a touch of style and elegance to your⁣ living room or ‌entertainment ⁢area.

Technical Specifications

– Dimensions: Suitable for‍ 40-50 inch TVs
– Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
– Control Method: Govee Home app, ⁢voice control (Alexa, Google ⁢Assistant)
– Lighting Effects: 76 scenes,⁢ music sync
– ⁢Power Source: Adapter included

Connectivity Options

The Govee TV LED Backlight offers various connectivity options, ensuring compatibility and ease of use:
– Bluetooth: Easily connect ⁢to the TV backlight using Bluetooth technology, allowing for quick ⁤and reliable control.
– Wi-Fi: Connect the‌ TV backlight to your home Wi-Fi network for seamless integration with the​ Govee Home app and voice assistants.
– App Control:‍ The Govee Home app provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the TV backlight, allowing you to⁤ customize ‍colors, scenes, and brightness effortlessly.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The Govee TV LED⁤ Backlight ​can seamlessly integrate⁢ with the following platforms:
– Alexa: Control the​ TV backlight using voice commands through your Alexa-enabled ⁢devices.
– Google Assistant: ⁢Use voice⁢ commands to control the TV‍ backlight through Google Assistant, ⁣making it convenient and effortless to‌ customize the lighting effects.

Pros ‌and Cons

– Vibrant and immersive⁣ lighting experience
-⁣ Easy customization via app ⁣control
– Music sync feature enhances the music listening ‌experience
-⁣ Voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant
– Easy installation⁢ on various TV ​sizes

– Limited to⁢ 40-50 inch TVs


The Govee⁣ TV LED Backlight is an excellent addition⁤ to your home ‍entertainment setup,⁣ providing a vibrant and immersive lighting experience. With its versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth and‌ Wi-Fi, you‌ can easily control the TV ​backlight using your smartphone or voice commands.

The⁢ Govee Home app offers numerous customization options, allowing ⁣you⁢ to‌ create⁤ the perfect ambiance for ‍any occasion. Whether‌ you’re watching movies, gaming, or hosting a party, the Govee TV LED Backlight is sure to enhance your experience and⁢ captivate your senses.

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