Sengled Smart TV LED Backlights for 45-75 inch TVs, 8 PCS Segmented Strip Lights, Work with Alexa Google Home, Music Sync Wi-Fi RGB Ambient Lighting, Grouping, Adjustable Length

Upgrade your TV viewing​ experience with⁤ Sengled Smart TV LED Backlights. These 8 PCS segmented strip lights, compatible with‍ Alexa and Google Home, offer⁣ music ‌sync, Wi-Fi RGB ambient lighting, ⁣grouping, and adjustable length. Transform⁤ your living room into a captivating ‍visual paradise.

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Sengled Smart TV​ LED‌ Backlights – Enhance your TV viewing experience. These innovative LED strip‍ lights are specifically​ designed ‌for⁤ 45-75 inch TVs, creating a stunning ambient lighting ​effect⁤ that adds an extra layer of⁣ immersion to your ⁤favorite movies,‍ shows, and games.

With smart features such as compatibility with Alexa ​and Google Home, music sync, adjustable length, and group control, these backlights are the ultimate accessory‍ for ‌any living room or home theater‌ setup.

Sengled Smart TV LED Backlights for 45-75 inch TVs Features

  1. Segmented Strip Lights: The ⁤Sengled Smart TV LED ⁤Backlights come with 8‍ individually segmented strip lights, allowing ⁤for ​precise placement and optimal ⁣coverage behind your TV. ​These strips can be easily cut ‌to the desired length for a ​perfect fit.
  2. Work with Alexa Google Home: Take your ⁢TV lighting to the next level by integrating it ⁤with your smart home ecosystem. These backlights‍ can⁤ be controlled via voice commands ‍with both Alexa ‌and Google Home, enabling ‌a seamless and‌ hands-free ⁤experience.
  3. Music Sync: Transform ​your living room into a dance floor or concert venue with the⁣ music sync feature. The lights can be synchronized with your favorite songs, creating a mesmerizing visual display that adds a new dimension to your music-listening experience.
  4. Wi-Fi RGB Ambient​ Lighting: ⁣Choose from a‍ wide​ range of vibrant colors to set the​ mood for any occasion. ‍Whether you ‍want a warm ‌and cozy atmosphere or a dynamic⁤ and energetic vibe, these backlights have got ‍you ‍covered.
  5. Grouping:‌ Control multiple Sengled ‍Smart TV LED Backlights ​simultaneously with⁤ ease. Grouping allows you to synchronize the lighting effects across multiple TVs‌ or rooms, providing a ​cohesive​ and immersive experience ⁢throughout your ‌home.
  6. Adjustable ‌Length: These backlights can be easily ‌adjusted to​ fit TVs of various sizes. Whether you have‌ a ‌45-inch TV or ⁤a 75-inch model, the Sengled Smart TV LED Backlights can ⁢be customized to match the dimensions of your screen.


The Sengled Smart ‍TV LED Backlights offer a host of⁢ benefits that not only⁢ enhance your TV viewing ‌experience⁤ but ‍also elevate the ambiance ​of ⁤your living space. ​By adding a captivating and customizable backlighting effect to your ⁣TV, these‌ backlights create a more immersive ‍environment that draws you into the⁢ on-screen‍ action. ​The music sync feature further​ enhances this‍ immersion by synchronizing the ⁤lights⁣ with the⁤ beat and ⁢rhythm ‍of your favorite songs, allowing you to feel ⁢the‍ music in a whole new way.

In addition to the visual enhancements, the Sengled⁣ Smart TV LED Backlights ⁤also offer the convenience​ of voice control. With compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, you can easily adjust the lighting settings with simple voice commands, ⁤eliminating⁢ the need for manual adjustment or the use of remote controls. The ability to group​ multiple backlights together also ⁤simplifies the control process, ​allowing ​you to create a synchronized lighting experience throughout your home.

How This ​Product Can Be Used

The Sengled Smart TV LED Backlights can be ​used in a variety of ways to enhance‍ your​ TV viewing experience and create a visually stunning ‍ambiance in ⁤your living space.

Here are​ a few ways you ‌can utilize​ these‍ backlights:

-⁣ Gaming: Immerse yourself in the ‌world of gaming by syncing the backlights with your favorite⁤ games. The‍ dynamic ‌lighting effects can enhance the atmosphere of⁢ your gaming sessions, making⁤ every victory and defeat even more memorable.

– Movie⁢ Nights: Transform​ your living room‍ into a mini-theater‌ with the ambient lighting⁢ from these backlights. Whether you’re watching action-packed blockbusters or emotional dramas,​ the vibrant colors and synchronized lighting effects ⁤will elevate your⁣ movie-watching experience.

– Parties and Gatherings: Create a ⁤vibrant and energetic atmosphere⁣ during ​parties and gatherings ‌by syncing⁤ the backlights with the music.​ Turn your living⁣ room into a dance floor with⁣ captivating lighting effects ⁣that move to the ⁣rhythm of the music.

– Relaxation:​ Set a calming and soothing ambiance in your living room by choosing soft and warm colors.‌ Whether you’re unwinding after‍ a long day or practicing yoga, ⁤the Sengled Smart TV LED Backlights can create a serene atmosphere that helps you relax and rejuvenate.

Technical Specifications

– Strip Length: 8 PCS segmented strip lights
– Strip ⁤Length (per segment): Adjustable
– Compatibility: Works with Alexa and Google Home
– Connectivity: Wi-Fi
– Color Options: RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
– Platforms Supported: ‍iOS, Android
– Power ⁢Source: AC Adapter

Connectivity Options

The Sengled ⁤Smart⁢ TV LED Backlights ⁣connect to your TV ‍and‍ other smart devices via Wi-Fi, enabling⁢ seamless control and integration. By ​connecting the⁤ backlights to your home Wi-Fi network, you can easily control ⁣the lighting ⁣settings using ‍the Sengled mobile app⁢ or through voice commands with Alexa or Google Home.

The Wi-Fi connectivity⁤ ensures a⁤ stable and reliable connection,‌ allowing you to enjoy the full range‌ of features​ without interruption.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The Sengled ⁣Smart TV​ LED Backlights are compatible with both iOS and⁤ Android platforms, making them accessible to a wide range of users. ​Whether you have an‌ iPhone,⁢ iPad,‍ or Android⁢ smartphone or tablet, you can easily⁤ control ⁢the⁤ backlights using the Sengled mobile app. ⁣

The integration with Alexa and Google Home also offers additional convenience, as you⁢ can control the backlights using voice commands through ​these smart home platforms.

Pros and Cons

– Easy to install and adjust⁤ to fit different TV sizes
– Integrates seamlessly with Alexa and Google​ Home ⁣for voice control
– Music sync feature⁤ enhances the immersion and enjoyment⁢ of music
– Grouping capability allows for synchronized lighting effects throughout the ​home
– Wide ‌range of‌ customizable colors ‌and lighting‍ effects

– Wi-Fi connection required for operation
– Limited ​strip‌ length per segment, may‍ not be suitable for extremely large ⁤TVs


In conclusion, the Sengled⁣ Smart TV LED‍ Backlights⁤ are a must-have accessory ⁤for anyone looking to enhance their TV viewing ​experience ‍and‍ create ​a ‌captivating ambiance in their living⁢ space. With ‌features such as segmented‍ strip lights, voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google ‍Home, music sync, and adjustable length, these ‍backlights offer unparalleled‌ customization and convenience.

Whether you’re gaming, watching movies, hosting parties, or ⁣simply relaxing, the Sengled Smart TV ‍LED Backlights‌ will ‌elevate your entertainment experience to new heights.

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