Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp, LED Corner Lamp Works with Alexa, Smart Modern Floor Lamp with Music Sync and 16 Million DIY Colors

Upgrade your space with the Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp. This smart‍ and sleek floor lamp offers a stunning range‌ of 16 million DIY colors to create the perfect‌ ambiance in your⁣ bedroom or⁣ living room. With music ‌sync ⁣and Alexa compatibility, this modern lamp is an essential⁣ addition‌ to any⁣ contemporary home. ​Transform your space with this ‍stylish and convenient color changing standing floor lamp. Available​ in chic black.


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The ‌Govee RGBIC Floor ⁢Lamp is the perfect addition ⁢to any modern home. With its sleek design and intelligent features, this ‍smart floor lamp brings a whole new⁢ level of ambiance⁢ and functionality to any room. With the ability‍ to ⁣sync with music and create 16 million DIY colors, this lamp allows you ‌to create ⁤the‍ perfect atmosphere⁤ for any occasion. Plus, with its compatibility with⁢ Alexa, you can easily control​ the lamp with ‌just ​your voice. Whether you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience, set the mood for a romantic evening, or simply add a touch of style to your ​living room, the Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp is the ideal‌ choice.

Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp Features

1. Versatile ​RGBIC Lighting: The Govee RGBIC Floor⁢ Lamp offers 16 ⁤million colors to choose from, allowing you ​to‍ create the perfect lighting for any mood or occasion. With its RGBIC (Red, ⁣Green, Blue, and Independent⁤ Control) technology, this lamp can not only produce a wide ‌range of vibrant colors but also create dynamic lighting ​effects that sync to the beat⁤ of your music.

2. Smart Compatibility: The⁢ Govee RGBIC Floor ⁤Lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa, making it ‌incredibly easy to control using just your voice. ‌Simply ‌ask Alexa‍ to turn the lamp on or off,‌ change the color, ​or ‌adjust⁤ the brightness. ‌Additionally, this ⁣lamp can be controlled remotely using ‍the Govee Home app, allowing you to conveniently manage the lighting from ⁢anywhere.

3.‍ Music Sync:‍ With ​its built-in microphone, the​ Govee ⁣RGBIC Floor⁢ Lamp can sync its lighting effects ​to ⁣the​ rhythm‌ of your favorite music. Whether you’re throwing ⁤a party or simply​ relaxing at home, this feature adds an extra layer of entertainment and​ excitement to your space. The lamp‌ also has a sensitivity adjustment, so you can customize ⁤the lighting effects to match ‌any genre or⁤ volume.


The Govee ⁤RGBIC Floor Lamp offers numerous benefits that make it a standout choice for your​ home:

  • Enhance ⁤Ambience: With its ability to ⁣create 16 million DIY​ colors and dynamic lighting​ effects, this lamp allows you to effortlessly transform the⁤ atmosphere of any room.
  • Convenience: ⁤Thanks to its compatibility with ​Alexa and⁣ the Govee Home app, you can control the lamp ​using your voice or smartphone, making ⁢it incredibly convenient and easy to use.
  • Improve Well-being: Studies have shown that lighting can significantly impact our mood and ​well-being. With the ‍Govee RGBIC​ Floor Lamp, ‍you can customize ​the lighting ‍to create ⁢a soothing and relaxing environment, helping you ⁣unwind after a long day.

How This Product Can Be ‌Used

The Govee RGBIC⁤ Floor Lamp⁤ can be used ​in a ⁤variety ​of ways to enhance​ your home:

  • Gaming: Create an immersive gaming ‍experience by syncing the lamp’s lighting effects to‌ the ‍action on your screen. ​The dynamic lighting will respond ‍to in-game events, making your gaming sessions more exciting and engaging.
  • Parties: Set ​the mood ‍for a party or gathering ‍by ⁤choosing vibrant colors and dynamic lighting effects. The lamp can sync⁤ with the music, adding‌ a captivating visual element to your festivities.
  • Relaxation: Create⁣ a tranquil and ​calming‌ atmosphere in your bedroom‍ or living room ‍by selecting soft and soothing colors. The⁤ lamp’s gentle lighting effects will ‌help you ⁣unwind and relax after a busy day.

Technical Specifications

– Dimensions: ‎7.9″D x 7.9″W x 53.7″H
– Weight: ‎3.52 Pounds
– Power: 24 watts
– Voltage: AC100V-240V,‌ 50/60Hz
– Bulb Type: LED
– Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
– Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Connectivity Options

The Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp‍ offers multiple connectivity ⁤options to suit your preferences:

– Wi-Fi: Connect‍ the lamp to your ⁢home‍ Wi-Fi network⁣ to ⁤control ⁢it remotely using the Govee ‍Home ⁢app‍ or ​voice‍ commands through Alexa.
– Bluetooth: ⁣If you prefer a more ⁤direct connection, you can pair your smartphone or​ other devices with the lamp via Bluetooth. This allows you ⁣to ​control ⁢the lamp without the need for an internet connection.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp is compatible with the following platforms for seamless‍ integration:
– Amazon Alexa: Control the‍ lamp​ using voice commands through ⁤Alexa-enabled devices.
– Govee​ Home App: Access all the features of the lamp and control⁢ it remotely using the Govee Home app, ‍available ⁢for both iOS and⁢ Android⁤ devices.
– Home Assistant
– Google Home

Pros and Cons

-⁢ Wide ‌range ⁢of colors​ and⁣ dynamic​ lighting ⁢effects
– ⁣Compatibility with⁢ Alexa⁣ for ​easy voice control
– Music sync feature‍ adds an entertaining element to any occasion
– Versatile and customizable lighting options
– Sleek and‍ modern design⁤ to complement any decor

– May require a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance
– Some‍ users may find‌ the price⁢ point to be on the higher side compared to traditional floor lamps


The Govee RGBIC Floor ​Lamp is a smart and modern ⁤lighting solution that provides endless possibilities ⁢for creating the perfect ambiance in your home. With its extensive color options, music sync feature, and compatibility with ⁣Alexa, this lamp ‌offers‍ convenience, style,‌ and entertainment all in one. Whether you’re‌ looking to enhance your gaming experience, set the mood for a party, or create a soothing⁣ environment for ‍relaxation, the Govee RGBIC ‍Floor Lamp ⁤is the ideal ‍choice for anyone seeking to‌ elevate their ⁤home lighting.

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