Kasa Smart Light Bulbs, Full Color Changing Dimmable, Wi-Fi Bulbs Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, A19, 9W 800 Lumens

Experience the convenience and ambiance of Kasa Smart Light Bulbs. With full⁢ color changing options and dimmable settings, these Wi-Fi bulbs are compatible with Alexa⁣ and Google Home. Illuminate‌ any ⁤space with ⁢800 lumens ‍of powerful, customizable lighting. Upgrade your home today!


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Upgrade your home lighting system with the Kasa Smart‌ Light Bulbs. ‌These innovative bulbs‌ offer ‍a full range of colors and dimming ⁢capabilities, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. With compatibility ⁤with ⁤voice assistants like Alexa and ​Google Home, controlling your​ lights​ is as easy as saying ⁣a command. These ⁢Wi-Fi bulbs offer convenience,⁣ flexibility, ⁣and energy efficiency, making ⁤them a‍ must-have addition to your smart home.

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs, Full Color Changing Dimmable ⁤Features

  1. Full-color changing: With‍ these Kasa Smart Light Bulbs, you can choose ⁤from over 16 million colors to ⁢create⁤ the⁣ perfect lighting ​for any situation, whether⁤ it’s a cozy evening at home ⁣or a lively gathering‍ with friends.
  2. Dimmable: Adjust the brightness of​ your ‍lights to suit⁤ your mood and ⁤create the desired ambiance. ⁢From‍ bright and energizing ‌to warm and⁤ relaxing, these ⁣bulbs have you covered.
  3. Wi-Fi enabled: ‌Connect these Kasa Smart Light Bulbs⁤ to your⁤ home Wi-Fi network‌ for seamless control from ‍anywhere​ using the Kasa Smart app on⁢ your smartphone. ⁣Whether you’re in ⁢another room​ or ⁣away from home, you can easily turn your ⁤lights⁣ on or off and customize their settings.
  4. Compatibility with voice assistants: Control your lights with simple voice commands through popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. No need to reach for your phone or⁢ smart device; just ⁢ask and your lights will respond.
  5. A19 size: These⁣ Kasa Smart Light Bulbs have ‍a standard A19 size,‌ making‍ them a versatile ⁢choice for⁢ most light fixtures in your home.​ Whether you need them for table lamps,‌ floor lamps, or ⁣ceiling fixtures,​ these bulbs ‍fit seamlessly.
  6. Energy-efficient: The Kasa Smart Light Bulbs are designed ​to be energy-efficient, helping​ you to reduce your carbon footprint and save on electricity bills.‌ With a power consumption of only 9W, these bulbs provide 800 lumens of bright light.


By choosing the ⁣Kasa⁣ Smart⁣ Light Bulbs for ‌your​ home, you ⁣can enjoy ⁣a wide range of‌ benefits:

  • Customized lighting experience: ‌With⁢ millions of colors to choose from and dimming capabilities, you can create the perfect⁢ lighting⁢ for any occasion ⁢and enhance the ⁢ambiance of your living space.
  • Convenience and ease of use: Controlling your lights has never been easier. With the Kasa Smart app or⁣ voice‍ commands, you​ can easily turn your‌ lights on or off, adjust their brightness,​ and change their ⁢colors without leaving your seat.
  • Energy efficiency: These bulbs are designed ⁢to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills while reducing your environmental impact. The low power⁣ consumption of 9W ensures that you⁤ get bright and vibrant lighting without⁣ excessive energy usage.
  • Compatibility with the smart home ecosystem: The Kasa Smart Light​ Bulbs seamlessly integrates with popular smart home platforms, allowing‌ you ​to create a cohesive and connected home automation ‌system.

How This Product ​Can Be Used

The Kasa ​Smart Light⁣ Bulbs can be used in ⁤various ways to ⁤enhance your home lighting experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Create themed lighting for parties or events by choosing the perfect ⁣colors to ‌match the occasion.
  • Set up‌ a bedtime routine where your lights gradually dim to help you relax and‌ unwind.
  • Use voice commands to turn on or ⁣off‌ your lights without having to search for light switches.
  • Schedule your ⁢lights to automatically turn on or off at specific times, adding an extra layer of security while ‌you’re away from home.

Technical Specifications

Some ⁣important technical specifications of the Kasa Smart Light Bulbs ⁤are:

– Lumen output: 800 lumens
– Bulb Shape Size: ‎A19
– Bulb Base: ‎E26
– Light Color: ‎RGB
– Voltage: ‎120 Volts
– Unit Count: ‎4
– Color Temperature: ‎6500 Kelvin
– Color Rendering Index: ‎80
– Power Consumption: ‎9 Watts
– Item Weight: ‎‎9.9 ounces
– Product Dimensions: ‎2.36″W x 4.52″H
– Light Source Type: ‎LED
– Connectivity:⁢ Wi-Fi
– Compatibility: Alexa, Google‍ Home

Connectivity Options

The Kasa Smart Light ​Bulbs connect to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control them from anywhere ⁤using your ​smartphone or voice commands. Additionally,​ they​ seamlessly integrate⁣ with popular smart home ⁤ecosystems, making ⁤it easy to ⁣incorporate them into your existing smart home⁣ setup.

Platforms Supported for Integration

The Kasa Smart Light‌ Bulbs⁣ are compatible with Alexa⁢ and Google⁤ Home, ​enabling you to control your lights using voice commands through these popular voice assistants. With the Kasa Smart app, you can also control the‌ bulbs directly from your ⁣smartphone.

Pros ‍and Cons


  • Wide range of colors and dimming capabilities
  • Convenient control through voice⁢ commands ⁤or the Kasa Smart app
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Compatibility with popular voice assistants
  • Seamless integration with existing ⁣smart home systems


  • Requires ‌a stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Initial setup may require some ‌technical ‌knowledge


The Kasa Smart Light Bulbs are a great‌ choice for anyone looking​ to upgrade their home‍ lighting ‌system and create a customized and convenient lighting experience. With their full-color changing ⁢capabilities, dimming options, and compatibility with popular voice assistants, these bulbs offer ‍flexibility and‍ ease of use. Their energy-efficient design and‌ integration⁣ with existing smart home systems make them a valuable‍ addition to your‍ smart‌ home⁢ setup. Embrace the‌ power of ‌smart lighting with the Kasa Smart Light Bulbs and ‍transform the way ⁤you illuminate your living space.

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