Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera, Wi-Fi smart security camera, 2600 lumens, two-year battery life, HD live view

The Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera is a wire-free smart security camera system that offers high-definition live view and enhanced motion detection. With a two-year battery life and 700 lumens brightness, this camera provides reliable and powerful security for your home. It seamlessly works with Alexa for convenient control and monitoring.


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Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera  Features

1. Wire-free installation for hassle-free setup.
2. 700 lumens floodlight for enhanced visibility.
3. Two-year battery life, minimizing maintenance.
4. HD live view with sharp and clear video quality.
5. Enhanced motion detection to alert you of any activity.
6. Works with Alexa for voice control and smart home integration.
7. Weather-resistant design for outdoor use.
8. Easy to expand with additional cameras for comprehensive coverage.
9. Free Blink app for remote access and control.


– Peace of mind: Keep a watchful eye on your home with the Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and property.
– Easy installation: The wire-free design allows for a simple and hassle-free setup, eliminating the need for complicated wiring.
– Convenient monitoring: Access the HD live view from anywhere using the Blink app, enabling you to check in on your home at any time.
– Enhanced security: The 700 lumens floodlight illuminates your property, deterring potential intruders and providing clear visibility, day or night.
Voice control and integration: Seamlessly integrate with Alexa, allowing for convenient voice commands and integration with other smart home devices.

How This Product Can Be Used

The Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera is ideal for enhancing security in residential areas. Install it near entryways, driveways, or other vulnerable spots to deter potential burglars and capture any suspicious activity. It can also be used to monitor package deliveries or keep an eye on pets.

Technical Specifications

– Resolution: High-definition video
– Connectivity: Wireless
– Battery life: Up to two years
– Motion detection: Enhanced
– Weather-resistant: Yes
– Floodlight brightness: 700 lumens
– App available for: iOS and Android devices
– Storage: Cloud storage available
– Camera angle: Adjustable

Connectivity Options

– Wi-Fi

Platforms Supported for Integration

– Amazon Alexa
– Home Assistant

Pros and Cons

1. Wire-free installation for easy setup.
2. Long battery life minimizes maintenance.
3. HD live view allows for clear monitoring.
4. Alexa integration offers convenient control.
5. Enhanced motion detection for accurate alerts.
6. Weather-resistant design ensures durability.
7. Expandable system for comprehensive coverage.

1. Requires Wi-Fi for connectivity.
2. Limited to Alexa integration, may not be compatible with other platforms.


Enhance your home security with the Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera. With its wire-free installation, long battery life, and high-definition live view, this security camera provides reliable protection for your property. The included floodlight ensures clear visibility and deters potential intruders. Seamlessly integrate with Alexa for convenient voice control and smart home integration. Upgrade your home security with the Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera today.

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Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera, Wi-Fi smart security camera, 2600 lumens, two-year battery life, HD live view reviews


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