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Smart Home Constructor

We have created a free smart home constructor to help you choose the right list of devices for your smart home based on your requirements and wishes


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Smart home constructor

Design and customize your smart home setup with the help of a personalized Smart Home Constructor. By answering simple questions, you can easily design & build a fully functional home automation system backed by the latest technologies on the market. The smart home configurator allows you to make decisions about which products will work best for your specific needs and then helps you build & manage your smart home with ease.

- Create custom configurations from top home security brands
- Automatically sync compatible products together to create an efficient automation framework in minutes
- Intelligent product suggestions allow a seamless installation process
- Ability to manage & monitor all connected devices remotely through an intuitive app from Home Assistant

- Hassle-free installation
- Time saved! You don’t need extensive knowledge to get started
- Comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities
- Cost-effective - only pay for what you choose instead of committing to pre-packaged kits